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Workflow Solutions

EBG Systems web-based workflow solutions are designed to meet your needs as a pension professional. With web-based technology, our solutions give you instant access to all of your plan related and client information. We offer a wide-range of solutions that include file sharing, task tracking, client portals, and much more.

Security in the Cloud

All access to our private pages is encrypted.

Workflow & Task Tracking

Organize your workflow and spend time on more important activities. The intuitive, easy-to-use design allows you and your staff to track tasks for annual administration, distributions, or other plan related projects. Choose from a full list of pre-defined workflow templates, and create your own from scratch.

Our web-based software gives you and your staff the ability to fully customize, track, and update your workflow. Time-saving features such as mass updating, allow you to update a task across all of your plans at once. Our workflow module also comes with full reporting capability, giving managers access to workflow at a firm wide level.

Secure File Storage & Transfer

TPA firms and pension professionals create, store, and share sensitive files every day. EBG Systems can give you peace of mind and accessibility that will set you apart from your competitors. Our file management system allows you to securely store all of your plan related and business documents in one location.

As a web-based solution, you can easily organize, share, and archive your documents anytime and anywhere. Send files to clients, receive updates on file uploads and downloads, and customize your folder structures.

Plan Sponsor Portal

The Plan Sponsor Portal gives you and your staff the ability to collaborate with all of your clients through a secure web-based interface. The fully customizable portal allows you to brand the site as your own; integrate with your existing website, display your corporate logo, and more.

Impress and effectively serve your clients with features such as, automated annual data collection, file sharing, distribution submission, and census auditing. Reduce the time spent on the annual data collection process by allowing your clients to securely enter and approve collection packets online.

Mass Email System

A fully integrated mass email system for the TPA industry. Our web-based solution allows you to send emails and files to all of your clients and contacts at once.

The mass emailer is fully integrated with our workflow, plan and contact databases, and file manager. Give your staff the means to send emails to clients overdue on 5500's and create templates to reuse. You can even attach documents from within our file management solution or insert plan specific information per client.


Unlimited Support

At EBG Systems we take our clients seriously. That's why we offer unlimited customer support with any Pension Portal subscription. This means there will always be someone on the line to answer your questions, or demonstrate new product features.

We Listen to you

We offer unparalleled personalization that you won't find anywhere else. Every month we take customer feedback or personal requests and turn them into the latest Pension Portal features.

How can the Portal benefit my company?

The Pension Portal offers you the advantages of cloud computing technology.

With location independent computing, you can access resources, products, and information over the internet, essentially on-demand. There's no need for downloading or installing programs to your personal computer. With cloud computing, you are accessing distant servers through the internet, and in the process using more efficient technology.

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