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Secure File Storage & Transfer

TPA firms and pension professionals create, store, and share sensitive files every day. EBG Systems can give you peace of mind and accessibility that will set you apart from your competitors. Our file management system allows you to securely store all of your plan related and business documents in one location with 128-bit encryption.

As a web-based solution, you can easily organize, share, and archive your documents anytime and anywhere. Send files to clients, receive updates on file uploads and downloads, and customize your folder structures.

 File Management

  Store all of your client and bussiness related documents in a secure web   based solution.

   Storage: Unlimited storage for all of your plan related documents

   Security: Store your sensitive documents in an online vault with 128-bit encryption

   Accessibility: Access your documents online at anytime and anywhere

   Organization: Organize and track your plan related documents with a familiar, customizable folder structure


  Exchange sensitive documents with plan sponsors and clients

   Inbox/Outbox: Share files with clients through individual dropboxes

   Security: Transfer sensitive files with 128-bit encryption

   Customization: Create client folders and control who can access files


  Track and audit files with firm-wide reports. Filter by:

   Plans: Type, Name, Status, PYE

   Employees: Administrator, Assistant, Sales Consultant

   Properties: Folder Location, File Description, Size, Date Uploaded, and more