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Workflow & Task Tracking

Organize your workflow and spend time on more important activities. The intuitive, easy-to-use design allows you and your staff to track tasks for annual administration, distributions, or other plan related projects. Choose from a full list of pre-defined workflow templates, and create your own from scratch.

Our web-based software gives you and your staff the ability to fully customize, track, and update your workflow. Time-saving features such as mass update, allow you to update a task across all of your plans at once. Our workflow module also comes with full reporting capability, giving managers access to workflow at a firm wide level.

 Task Management & Projects

  Task management for annual administration and other projects.

   Templates: Select from a library of pre-defined templates or create your own

   Tracking: Track the status of tasks and assign due dates to staff

   Firm-Wide Creation: Create workflow templates accross all of your plans with the push of a button

   Mass Update: Update tasks accross all of your plans at once


  Real-time reporting with a variety of filtering options. Filter by:

   Employees: Administrator, Assistant, Sales Consultant

   Plans: Status, PYE, Plan Name

   Tasks: Template, Plan Type, Task

   Reports: Task List, Completed, Overdue, Outstanding


  Seamless integration with our other workflow solutions.

   Email: The task management utility is fully integrated with our mass email system. At the click of a button, send emails to all clients overdue on 5500's, annual data packets, census auditing, and more.

   Plans: Populates your workflow with plan information from our database utility

   Clients: Keep track of all communication and deliver superior customer support with our plan notes utility.