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Mass Email System

A fully integrated mass email system for the TPA industry. Our web-based solution allows you to send emails and files to all of your clients and contacts at once.

The mass emailer is fully integrated with our workflow, plan and contact databases, and file manager. Give your staff the means to send emails to clients overdue on 5500's and create templates to reuse. You can even attach documents from within our file management solution or insert plan specific information per client.


   Compose: Select from all of the familiar styling options

   Templates:Create and save templates to use in the future

   Recipients: Send blanket emails to contacts through a number of filtering options

   Attachments: Attach files from your desktop or the file                                                                        management system


   Workflow: Send emails only to clients who are overdue on specfic tasks

   Database: Include client or plan specific information in blanket emails

   Files: Attach documents stored within the system