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Database for Plan-Related Items

The Portal is a secure, centralized database for all of your plan and business related items. From confidential documents to contacts and plan information, the Portal will store everything you need to run your pension business. Your database will be fully integrated with all of the Portal's applications. You can use your contacts to assign tasks and projects, send out mass emails and annual data requests, track time, and share important documents.


  Store plan information:

   Provisions: Basic Plan Information, Eligibility, Definitions, Features, Contribution Type

   Formulas: Contribution/Allocations, Matching, Classes, Forfeitures, Benefit, Vesting, and more

   Distributions and Loans

   Services: First Year and Final Year Admin, Valuation


  Store plan sponsor information:

   Company Information

   Billing & Mailing Addresses

   Payroll & Control Group Member Information