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Contact Management System

Get a complete picture of all your contacts in one location. The Portal stores your contacts, plan sponsors, trustees, clients, employees, and more in one location. With seamless integration, our contact management system makes it easy and convenient to send out emails, assign tasks, track time, and generate reports.


  Store all of your contacts online:

   Storage: Unlimited web-based storage

   Security: Store your your client's and contact's information in an online vault with 128-bit encryption

   Accessibility: Access your contacts online at anytime and anywhere


  Fully integrated with our suite of workflow solutions:

   Mass Emails Send emails to contact lists or individual contacts

   Assign Roles: Give contact plan-related roles within the system

   Access: Give any contact permission-based login capability


  Track and audit files with firm-wide reports. Filter by:

   Plans: Type, Name, Status, PYE

   Employees: Administrator, Assistant, Sales Consultant

   Contact Roles and Additional Information